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Import Letters of Credit

You can use Import Letters of Credit to provide your suppliers with an undertaking that they will receive payment upon delivery of documents specified in the Letter of Credit within a stipulated time. To you, as an importer, using a letter of credit reduces the risk of having to pay in advance for goods or pay for anything when the documents presented by the exporter are not consistent with the terms of the Letter of Credit.

Export Letters of Credit

The Export Letter of Credit provides you with your buyer's bank undertaking that you will be paid, provided you ship the goods and present the documents specified in the Letter of Credit within a stipulated time. This reduces payment risk to you, the exporter.

Standby Letter Of Credit

A Standby Letter of Credit or Guarantee is a written undertaking given by one of our affiliates to the party with whom you have entered into a contract (the "beneficiary") to pay a specified amount of money in the event that you or a third party do not meet specific financial or performance obligations. Upon our affiliate’s payment to the beneficiary, you reimburse the issuer for such payment.

* A Bid Guarantee (Bid Bond) is normally required by buyers when they ask for tenders relating to a contract. It provides assurance to buyers that they shall be financially compensated in the event that you, the bidder, after being awarded the contract, do not take it up.

** A Performance Guarantee (Performance Bond) provides assurance to your buyers that they shall be financially compensated in the event that you fail to adequately complete the contract.


What is Export Financing

We will assist you with third party financing to US and International companies that have an export contract with a foreign buyer. On behalf of International exporters, we will assist in obtaining a third party who assumes payment risks associated with international trade activities and can provide discounting and / or re-financing under Letter of Credit obligations.

Saves You Money

- The Financier may assume your payment risk associated with international transactions

Gives You Money

- Provides exporters with faster access to the proceeds of their transactions without impacting credit lines.

- Provides more cash flow between shipment and payment dates.



Many businesses with an annual sales volume between One Million ($1,000,000) Dollars and One Hundred Fifty Million ($150,000,000) Dollars face hardship in securing financing. Most large financial institutions do not extend meaningful loans or credit to businesses of that size without significant equity in the business and strong personal guaranties of the principals.

The Accounts Receivable of small businesses are traditionally due thirty to sixty days after invoicing. These businesses, in many cases, cannot afford to wait for payment since overhead expenses such as payroll, rent and taxes must be paid on a more frequent basis. Generally, such businesses have limited availability of credit with suppliers and often require additional funds for working capital to maintain the flow of goods and services. Such short-term borrowing to facilitate growth or meet seasonal cash flow needs is usually not available from traditional sources.

There is, therefore, a need for financial services to this generally ignored segment of the business community throughout the United States, specifically, the smaller companies that do not have access to traditional lending sources. As a result, we specialize in bringing the right lender in place for your "factoring", (purchasing of accounts receivable), which leads to growing your company and giving you cash that is needed.

Our Firm has a network of Factors that can provide Instant Cash

As a consultancy, we can introduce your company to a factor who purchases accounts receivable from you and advances funds to your business. A portion of the purchase price is paid to the client upon purchase of the accounts receivable, and the balance is paid when our Factor has collected them. There is no need for a client to wait 30, 60 or 90 days to collect the money owed to him. Our Factor turns the accounts receivable into instant cash, providing much improved cash flow.

We will introduce your company to the right Factor who will purchases accounts receivable which represent specific obligations arising from the sale of a product or the rendering of a service in the ordinary course of the client's business. The product or service must have been delivered or fully rendered, as applicable, and been accepted by the client's customer without dispute, offset or other adjustment.

Accounts receivable are purchased by the Factor for a purchase price equal to the face value of those accounts receivable, less a discount which varies. The total purchase price paid by The Factor will typically be 85% of the face value of the account receivable purchased, less any amounts for returns, disputes, allowances and charge-backs, plus any rebate of the discount for early payment. The Factor will generally, at its discretion, pay to the client at closing, a percentage of the face value of the account receivable as an advance on that purchase price. When the Factor collects the receivable, they will pay to the client the balance of the purchase price, less administrative costs and any debits referred to above, plus any rebate of the discount. The discount is expressed as a fee earned by them for purchasing and collecting the accounts receivable, providing a credit check of the client's customers and varies, depending on the time it takes them to collect the relevant purchased accounts receivable. For example, if the account receivable is collected within 30 days after the invoice date and the discount was 2.5% for such period, then an additional 12.5% will be rebated to the client.

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