About Us

At BCG, we are in business to help our clients and associates achieve what matters to them. We are in the business to assist your business in its growth. Our Firm combines its Business Relationships and Day to Day growth to successfully consult for companies in all industries. Our commitment to you is to keep you happy while keeping you growing!

As a client of BCG, you should expect nothing less than the best possible service every time you deal with one of our Consultants in person, by letter, on the telephone or when doing your business transactions via electronic mail.

Our aim is to build a long-term relationship with you. The foundation of
this relationship is our Service Commitment - to anticipate and exceed your expectations. Our Service Commitment sets out the standards that our customers can expect from BCG and that we demand of ourselves.

Candid explanations of our service fees
We'll explain our fee structure, terms and conditions relating to our services clearly. We'll also alert you that certain ideas you may want to pursue may carry greater risks. If, for some reason, we cannot provide a product or service, we'll explain why and suggest alternatives. BCG cannot offer services that will allow us to act as a license broker dealer or an Investment Bank. BCG is not a NASD members firm, nor are we insured by the FDIC or SIPC. We are strictly a consultancy.

Our Fee Structure:
1. Will be simple to understand
2. It will reflect our commitment to deliver options and value
3. It will provide you with choices to allow your company to grow

The Partners of our Firm:

Our partners help you plan for your future by putting together a project team that draws on the resources of BCG specialists in Investment Banking, Investor Relations, Commercial Banking, legal services and advisory services to help you succeed, professionally, and personally.


Business Consulting

We are committed to helping our clients harness the power to build their business.

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BCG assists its clients globally who are looking to buy, sell or broker various commodities globally.

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Debt Finance

The Bull Consulting Group has correspondent relationships with bank and non-bank institutional lenders to structure and place non-conforming commercial loans. BCG has strategic Partnerships with Institutions and Lenders Globally.

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Investment Banking

The Bull Consulting team offers value-added advisory services regarding acquisitions and mergers from identifying potential targets to securing the necessary financing to complete your transaction.

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Trade Financing

The science that describes the management of money, banking, credit, investments, and assets for international trade transactions. We offer Purchase Order financing, Letters of Credit, Lines of Credit and more.

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